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Sometimes, smooth belts or belts with a low profiled surface are not enough to carry slippery or bulky materials up step inclines. In these cases, profiles of different heights and shapes depending on the types of products can be welded on the belt to prevent material from falling back and in maintaining conveying capacity even at very high angles of inclination. The Belt Company has designed and developed a range of profiles which meet normal inclined conveying requirements with a wide range of possible applications.

The choice of profile, as well as the right spacing and positioning, is determined by a thorough analysis of the conveying problem. Although it may be possible in some cases to calculate the theoretical conveyor capacity, we advise you to contact our technical department to obtain full assistance.

Our profiles and belt covers are made of the same high-quality PCV, PU and Polyolefin.

Square, rectangular and tracking profiles can be fitted longitudinally on both belt surfaces. Notched tracking profiles allow for smaller drum diameters. Each profile has been designed to satisfy the possible working conditions. New profiles have been developed, in particular for running on the small drum diameters in the food industry.


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